Microsoft Just Released a New Security Tool - Defender for Individuals
Microsoft Just Released a New Security Tool - Defender for Individuals

To increase the beneficiaries of their security services, Microsoft introduced Defender for Individuals. This new security tool will protect computers and mobile phones from the ever-growing rate of cyberattacks. Microsoft 365 subscribers with either personal or family subscriptions will enjoy this new addition across different devices: iOS, macOS, Windows and Android.

Microsoft Defender for Individuals allows parents to safeguard their family’s internet lives since they will be able to control and check out security protections on a centralized dashboard. You can also manage services like Norton or McAfee antivirus software on the dashboard. 

Microsoft Defender for Individuals is also of great advantage to small business owners. According to research, 55% of employees use their personal or family devices to work from home. Many are also trying to save money using the Microsoft 365 consumer products rather than business plans. These consumer plans are also often used by freelancers, remote workers and small business owners.

Microsoft recently published a study that revealed the increased rate of cyber criminals and their malicious intent against internet users. According to the research, about 921 passwords are attacked every second in recent years. More alarming is the major shift of the cyberattacks from government agencies and large organizations to small businesses and family members. Cyberattacks on small businesses are now three times as much as the big ones.

It is believed that an online security tool will safeguard you, your family and your small business at any given time. Defender’s dashboard houses different protection software with the single purpose of mitigating or eliminating threats. It will exercise its maximum potential regardless of which device you use. Microsoft Defender will help bolster your security by providing you with valuable recommendations.

When it comes to malware protection across all platforms, Defender for Individuals can’t be found wanting. Its security alerts and danger fixes are fast and effective. Users of macOS and Windows devices will also be able to take advantage of its security tips feature to ensure that they have their confidential information fully secured and their business up and running.

Following the availability of Microsoft Defender for Individuals on mobile devices and desktops, the company plans to include more features such as identity theft protection. In the coming months, Microsoft will work towards updating the app and improving its security capabilities. There is also a plan to install an online connection with maximum security. According to Vasu Jakkal, CVP for security, compliance, identity and privacy at Microsoft, there is much more to come. They look forward to sharing more on the journey to make the world a safer place for all.

Small businesses can maximize the advantages of this all-in-one security solution. It is a great relief to finally see Microsoft expanding its market and protecting consumers against data loss and business shutdowns.

 Summarized Advantages of Microsoft Defender for Individuals

  • Its centralized dashboard is easy to navigate which allows your family to enjoy all-around security protection. 
  • It allows users to manage third-party antivirus software like Bitdefender or McAfee. All can be viewed on a single dashboard. 
  • Users have offered malware protection on all platforms regardless of the device used. 
  • Real-time security notifications, remediation strategies and security tips are available to secure sensitive information. 
  • More exciting features will bolster security and will be included in the coming months.

Why Do I Need Security Software for My Small Business?

Some small businesses, freelancers and remote workers believe security software is unnecessary. They see it as bank-breaking and privacy-intrusive. However, small businesses are the most susceptible to cyberattacks and the consequences are usually hard to manage. 

Resource Hijacking

Virus, Worms and malware attacks sometimes lead to resource hijacking. The criminals redirect your system’s bandwidth and power to commit their malicious activities like crypto mining and data trafficking. These will drastically affect your business progress, breach your security walls and exhaust your limited budget. With security tools like antivirus software, intrusive attacks will be locked out and malware is detected and blocked.


Ransomware is one of the most crippling cyberattacks on small businesses. A destructive program finds its way into your computer and encrypts all of your records and files. Decrypting will involve waiting for the cyber criminals to release the cipher which they will only do when you pay the huge ransom they request. That will make them impossible to access and stop most or all of your business activities. 

Security software identifies these attack codes and stops them. Some even come with backup management that will restore your files should the attack be impossible to thwart. Situations like this might lead to the shutting down of small businesses. 

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August 2, 2022
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