5 Reasons It's Important To Have Industry-Specific IT Support

Whether companies use IT support on an as-needed basis or use monthly managed IT services, they need a technology expert to help keep their tech running smoothly.

Businesses today rely on all kinds of technology to keep their operations going. This includes everything from the computers and devices they use to their software and cloud technology and their Wi-Fi and network connections.

Without an optimized technology infrastructure, businesses lag behind their competitors and can suffer from issues like the following:

  • Unproductive manual processes
  • Ransomware/malware infections
  • Data breaches
  • Teams that can’t reach their full potential
  • Equipment outages and crashes
  • Costly downtime

Each hour of downtimes costs businesses over $10,000 on average.

Technology optimization is also directly related to profitability. When teams are not struggling with technology problems, they can focus on forward motion. Small businesses that optimize their use of technology earn twice the revenue per employee as those that do not.

This means that the IT professional that helps you optimize and maintain your technology is one of the most important relationships that your company will have. You want that professional to not only know technology but to also have industry-specific IT expertise so that you can be assured that solutions are perfectly matched to your business needs.

Here are several reasons to make sure that your IT provider knows your industry and can provide customized technology support.

Compliance & Security Needs

If you sell fashion handbags at a retail location, you are going to have different security and compliance requirements than a doctor’s office or hospital.

For example, a retailer may be more vulnerable to IoT device hacking through point-of-sale devices and need a technology pro that knows that and can provide anti-hacking solutions.

An organization in the medical industry is going to have a requirement for HIPAA compliance that can come with some pretty stiff penalties if a breach of patient information occurs.

If you are not working with an IT pro that offers industry-specific solutions and knows the HIPAA guidelines, then you may end up suffering the consequences of a security breach or compliance violation as a result. 

No “Cookie Cutter” Solutions

Technology should not be served up as a “one-size-fits-all” solution. If you work with an IT provider that is not familiar with what you do on a daily basis specific to the industry you work in, they can give you ill-fitting solutions that are going to leave your technology infrastructure lacking.

When you speak with an IT provider, you want to ask them questions about the specific tools used in your line of business so that you can avoid getting put into a technology service plan that is not going to be a good fit or serve you well. 

Industry-Specific Software Assistance

Manufacturing companies use different types of software than accounting offices. Part of any technology discussion includes the software and cloud applications that are used by your business and how they can be integrated and automated for efficiency.

An IT professional that knows your industry will be able to make informed recommendations as to which industry software solutions are working best for others in your field. They can also help you create a cloud strategy with other industry-specific requirements for compliance and competition in mind.

Understand How Common Tools Can Be Used to Serve Industry Needs

Some of the SaaS tools that you use may have industry-specific uses that you did not even know about.

For example, there is a tool called information barriers that can be used in Microsoft Teams to help prevent conflict of interest issues for law offices. There are also ways to implement add-ins to an accounting platform, like QuickBooks Online, to facilitate inventory and shipping management. That is something another company may not need.

You want to work with a technology professional that is familiar with what your business does so that they can help you customize common digital tools to your specific industry. In many cases, this will save you a lot of money.

Will Be Proactive Per Industry News

An IT provider that works with businesses in the healthcare industry will be keeping an eye out for any new HIPAA compliance guideline updates so that they can proactively ensure that their clients are ready.

Likewise, an IT pro working in the financial industry will be keeping clients abreast of any FINRA news or updates that impact their technology use.

If you work with someone that doesn’t know your industry, they will not know where to find pertinent tech and compliance related updates that are going to impact your IT and may be expecting you to tell them what they are.

On the other hand, an IT pro that provides industry-specific support takes it upon themselves to keep you proactively updated.

What is Your Industry? There is a Good Chance That We Know Its IT Needs!

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April 6, 2021
Sound Computers Admin