What's New in Google Workspace to Improve Productivity

To capitalize on a future of work that is more flexible, Google is releasing improvements to its suite of productivity tools. Managing a business has never been simple. Companies have faced various difficulties in the last couple of years ranging from adjusting to a remote world to reduced innovation and teamwork. 

Google has unveiled an updated version of Workspace (the productivity package you presumably still call G Suite). With the most recent free Google Workspace Essentials plan, Google hopes to attract more business customers by providing them with the essential Workspace productivity tools (except Gmail).

Workspace (G Suite) and Microsoft Office 365 are the components of the office suite market in the US. Google Workspace (G Suite), which had a 59.41% market share in October 2020, is the industry leader according to a Statista Report. Most of us have been able to adjust to the modern environment and come up with fantastic solutions. 

Organizations already accustomed to using the cloud for business have switched from renting office space to renting cloud space. It makes it less essential to report to work physically and to sign up for previously deemed superfluous productivity tools. This transition has raised the issue of maintaining the same productivity level at home as in the office. Fortunately, Workspace offers a quick solution to that problem.

What Is Google Workspace?

Google Workspace is a pool of communication and productivity apps accessible through Gmail. Previously called G Suite, Workspace improves the user experience to accept the new era of remote work. In other words, Google Workspace is a repackaged G Suite with new abilities structured to increase teamwork and productivity.

It contains all the familiar and best productivity apps like Gmail, Calendar, Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides and Meet.

Why Organizations Need Workspace 

Due to the COVID-19 epidemic, we had an unusual circumstance during the past few years. Numerous companies needed to accelerate their digital transformation efforts, reorganize their operational procedures and introduce remote or hybrid work arrangements. 

Tools like Google Workspace are now crucial in this situation. A unique and adaptable solution, Google Workspace enables individuals and groups of all sizes to boost productivity, communication and collaboration.

Your team probably already uses Google for communication whether it be for Gmail, Google Duo for calling friends and family or Google Drive for sharing files and presentations with coworkers.

With additional features and control provided by Google Workspace, your company can interact more efficiently, safeguard documents and data and use cutting-edge tools and features to make your employees more responsive, cooperative and knowledgeable.

Benefits of Google Workspace

You can benefit from complete digital transformation with the aid of Google Workspace including the capacity to operate in novel ways that enable distant and hybrid work settings. The four benefits listed below provide evidence for your choice of Google Workspace:


Employees using Google Workspace may significantly increase their productivity and efficiency by optimizing their work and collaboration. Companies worldwide are under growing pressure to maintain their competitiveness and satisfy their consumers’ requirements. 

Teams can rapidly exchange ideas, participate in meetings remotely and from any location, interact in real-time and use Google Workspace. Cloud-based architectures make this new work style viable which outweighs the inefficiencies of working based on isolated and computer-dependent productivity tools.

Cooperate in Real-Time

Even when everyone is present in the workplace, collaboration might be complex. However, it becomes much more complicated when employees split their time between numerous distant workplaces and the office. Various collaborative apps are included in Google Workspace that is either exclusive to the business version or enhanced from the consumer edition.

Using Google Workspace’s real-time co-editing feature, groups may simultaneously change the same Doc, Sheet or Slide. Version control is removed while workers operate in a remote or hybrid environment. 

With Google Currents, you can construct an internal social network to improve communication inside the firm, distribute pertinent material with staff members, spark debates and invite employee input. At the same time, the leadership team defines the “new normal” for the organization.

Consistently Available

With a 99.9% SLA for services, Google is among the most dependable regarding service level agreements. Google Workspace’s data centers are constructed with redundant infrastructure with no planned maintenance windows or outage periods.

Integrate or Incorporate Google Workspace with Third-Party Apps

Your team can collaborate effortlessly across platforms from the Workspace app by linking it with CRM and other productivity tools. With a single sign-on, employees may use work apps without wasting time switching between them or making duplicated attempts (and data). Your business gains productivity and you are free from the stress caused by human mistakes and inconsistent data.

Thanks to CRM connectivity salespeople and customer support representatives may automatically register tasks, calls, meetings and emails in Salesforce without ever leaving Gmail. Additionally, they can quickly import CRM data into Google Sheets and monitor contact and account insights from Salesforce in Google Workspace.

Let Sound Computers Help You to Manage your Workspace 

For the Google Workspace Admin Console, Sound Computers offers managed services such as user addition and email forwarding. You can handle all the issues even if your business lacks IT staff or is too busy to maintain it. 

Contact us to schedule a free session with one of our representatives and let us guide you through the process.
September 13, 2022
Sound Computers Admin