Businesses use ERP systems to handle a lot every day. The system needs to be running properly to reduce errors, be efficient and help your workers perform to the best of their ability.
Did you know that Table Mapping can help you do this? This is a service that Sound Computers offers that sets us apart and enables us to help you do what you do best while everything continues to operate at top level performance.

Table Field Mapping enables your company to reduce the amount of keystrokes the shipping operators need to do by connecting the ERP to FedEx Ship Manager and UPS World Ship.

It also reduces the time spent entering the order information by simply looking up a Sales Order Number or Purchase Order Number and having all the pertinent information auto populated.

Other benefits include:

– Faster shipment fulfillment times.

– Reduced data entry which helps to solve the human error problems.

Special customer rules can be implemented with the table mapping. For example, you can assign a collect account number or assign specific delivery services based on customer ID (such as signature required).

April 15, 2019
Steven Nuhn