Why It's Critical To Choose a Technology Partner That's Attuned to Your Goals

If you do a Google search for IT consultants and services in Westbrook, Connecticut, not all firms that come up will have the same level of benefit for your business.

Some IT providers are there to “fix what is wrong” and put you into a cookie-cutter style services plan that is standard for all businesses.

However, all businesses are not the same and do not have the same needs or future goals.

Those types of providers are just seeing you as a commodity or another monthly fee that they have coming in. They are not attuned to your company’s technology or business goals. Therefore, the help you receive from them is limited.

On the other hand, other MSP providers (like Sound Computers) understand that your business technology is an integral part of your operations. We will do more than keep your business running efficiently. We will work with you to learn about your goals and to position your technology to help you reach them.

Importance of Choosing an IT Partner That Works With Your Company to Meet Your Technology Goals

You Save Time By Having the Right Guidance

When an IT partner sees themselves as part of your team, they will go the extra mile to help you find the best systems to fuel your growth.

Instead of taking an attitude of “this is what you told us to do,” a high-quality IT partner will give you expert advice to guide you towards the best technology choices for your company.

We take ownership of our part in your technology success and work to make your business the best that it can be through strategic IT implementation.

Industry-Specific Help

IT strategies are not a one-size-fits-all. If you are a manufacturer, your goals for IT evolution are going to be much different than an accounting firm.

When a technology provider is invested in working with you to help you reach your company goals, they will make industry specific recommendations that make sense and are backed by experience that they acquired by working with companies like yours.

This includes keeping your distinct needs in mind when recommending upgrades for everything from cybersecurity to your office communications systems.

Reduce Unnecessary Cloud Subscription Costs

The average small business spends between $1,372 and $2,583 per year for each employee on SaaS subscriptions.

Cloud costs are a growing concern in businesses as they seek to streamline and reduce app duplication and process redundancies.

An IT provider that sees themselves as a partner in your company’s success will work to help you reach your cloud goals with an eye towards streamlining and helping you to reduce cloud waste and high application churn rates.

You Gain a Competitive Edge

Companies that are making all the technology decisions on their own can miss out on new innovations. They also lack a broader knowledge of what is working (or not) for others in their industry.

Working with the right IT provider brings in fresh perspective and broadens the possibilities for your growth. Through years of experience working with all types of businesses and IT systems, IT providers have a unique catalogue of knowledge that they will deploy to help you make the smartest strategic decisions.

Their expert guidance can give you a “secret weapon” in your ability to gain a competitive edge in your market.

You Avoid Costly Missteps

If you are working with an MSP provider that is just there to provide basic service but is not really invested in your growth, you can end up making costly missteps because you don’t have an experienced guide to help you navigate the IT world.

For example, you may end up choosing a technology platform that is cumbersome and doesn’t integrate well with other cloud tools. This could mean that just a couple of years after a major IT transformation, you will end up having to go through the entire process again.

A good IT provider looks forward to helping your company build a dynamic technology environment and will keep you from making mistakes that could end up costing you in time, money and forward motion.

Helps You Look At All Technology Aspects

A technology provider attuned to your business needs and goals will help you to broaden your use of technology and realize the possibilities in other areas of your operations.

For example, your IT consultant might offer guidance on how technology can help improve customer response times and customer experience. They can also help you to solve problems that you may not have realized could be solved with the right use of mobile or other IT solutions.

Work With an IT Provider That Has Your Company’s Success In Mind

Sound Computers is fully attuned to the technology and business goals of our clients and we are proud partners in helping them achieve success.

Contact us today to schedule a free consultation. Call 860-577-8060 or reach us online.

February 16, 2021
Sound Computers Admin