Freelancing has risen dramatically over the last decade. There are currently 58 million freelance workers in the U.S. and by 2027 it is projected that freelancers will make up the majority of the workforce in the country.
If you are working as a freelancer then you are most likely trying to keep any expenses to a minimum. You might have a few SaaS subscriptions and the cost of your business computer and peripherals but not a lot else.

However, one of the biggest costs to a freelancer is not as tangible as a hardware purchase. It comes from lost productivity.

Anyone that is freelancing and getting paid either by the hour or by the project knows that each hour that you are not outputting customer product is costing you income.

What Does Downtime Cost a Freelancer?

The average hourly rate that a freelancer makes can vary according to skillset but the average in the U.S. is $31 per hour.

That means that a problem with your computer or software that slows you down can have a significant impact on the amount of money that you can make in a week.

Let us see how much a lack of computer support through a remote managed services plan might be costing you if you freelance:

  • The average time unsupported workers spend struggling with computer problems is 22 minutes a day.
  • That is a total of 1.8 hours per 5-day work week.
  • This is approximately 95 hours per year.
  • 95 x $31 per hour average equals a loss of $2,955 per year in freelance income.

Not to mention that this scenario is only if you lose 22 minutes a day. Many freelancers can identify with losing 1-2 hours at a time due to things like an update gone wrong or a virus infection. 

Managed Services for Freelancers Improves Productivity & Income Potential

Many freelancers actually make more than they did working for an employer. It is time to start treating your freelance business as a BUSINESS.

This means understanding that some technology investments – like managed IT services – will actually increase your income potential by improving productivity.

Here are several reasons that signing up for remote managed services is a smart move if you are a freelancer.

Updates are Handled for You

Software and operating system updates can often take your computer down right when you need it. However, putting these off so that they don’t interrupt your work can lead to major security risks and the potential of getting a ransomware or virus infection.

Part of a standard managed IT services package will include all your updates for operating systems, software and firmware being handled for you and at a time that will not interrupt your work.

Timely Tech Help When You Need It

Struggling with a software issue can mean that you miss an important client deadline or make $150 less that week because of productivity losses.

When you work with an IT provider, they can come to the rescue by logging into your computer remotely to help you out of a jam. Their expertise means that they can often immediately identify a problem and put a fix in place. That means getting you back to work much faster than if you try to fix it yourself.

Keep Computer Running Efficiently

For a freelancer, their computer is usually their main source of income. When it is acting up or running slow, it directly impacts the work they can do and how much they can make as a result.

Managed IT services include ongoing maintenance for your most important business asset – your computer. Through 24/7 monitoring, ongoing optimization and proactive troubleshooting, an IT pro keeps your PC optimized and running efficiently for you.

Reduce Cybersecurity Risk

One adware infection or being hit with ransomware can mean serious damage to your income until the problem can be corrected.

Many managed services plans include managed antivirus/anti-malware which keeps your computer protected from outside threats and greatly reduces the risk of a data breach or malware crisis.

Help Doing Things Better

One productivity hack in a workflow can gain a freelancer valuable time which allows them to make more money during the week.

A relationship with your managed IT provider gives you a valuable sounding board. This means you have an ally to go to for workflow advice and ideas on how to optimize the way you do things to finish projects in less time.

You Have Predictable IT Costs

Instead of being hit with a big computer repair cost out of the blue, you have a predictable monthly computer support fee when you use a MSP.

Just one major hard drive crash can mean high costs not only for emergency repairs, but also for the downtime you suffer while waiting on a fix.

The use of managed services keeps costs low, eliminates those costly repair surprises and significantly reduces downtime. All of these impact your earning power.

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November 10, 2020
Steven Nuhn