So you asked your child what they want for Christmas and they enthusiastically responded, “A gaming computer!” You don’t know much about what that entails but you are willing to put it on Santa’s list. You have been told by your child that it is not just any computer. It has special attributes built to handle the demands of the gaming experience. Now how do you go about making their dream come true? Can you buy it or should you have it built? What features does it need to have?

Let’s Build It!

You may not be able to build it yourself but you have to be able to answer questions for the person who will build the computer. Let’s take a look at those coveted features it needs to have:

  • Budget – First up is the elephant in the room. How much is this going to cost me? Expect to spend $400 on the low end for the basic hobby gamer. If you or your child is serious about their gaming and wants a more professional computer with a CPU that can handle streaming, you are going to be looking at a $1,000 plus investment.
  • Games – Decide if there are any games that are must haves. If so, use the game with most taxing hardware requirements listed on the game’s website for your build.
  • Components – You are going to need a CPU, Motherboard, Graphic Card, Memory, Storage, and a Power Supply.
  • Selecting Hardware – PC Part Picker is a great resource . There are several routes you can use when selecting hardware. Either pick components yourself or use a build guide. Some may find using a build guide takes the fun out of building a system of their own.
  • Building – Haven’t built a PC before? The internet has many great resources online to walk you through the process. Start with this video Still feel overwhelmed? Any local computer repair shop will be willing to help.

Let’s Purchase It Instead!

  • Pre-Build Options – Well known PC manufacturers offer gaming options. Most notable is Dell with their XPS and Alienware lines. Purchasing a pre-built system has advantages. One of the main benefits is having a warranty that covers the entire system. You also won’t have to worry about part compatibility or building the system in general.

In conclusion, whether you select to choose the components yourself and building a gaming computer or purchase a pre-built system, the process can be an easy one with a little research and utilization of online tools. If you still have questions and the tech jargon gives you a headache, we have you covered. Give us a call at 860-557-8060. We are here to help!

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November 26, 2019
Steven Nuhn